Brenton Thwaites

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Brenton Thwaites

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Cairns, Queensland, Australia




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Brenton Thwaites was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. He is a graduate of QUT (Queensland University of Technology), a renowned university in Brisbane, Australia. He had a minor role in the Australian television program,Sea Patrol, portraying Leigh Scarpia, a gay teenager. He currently stars as Luke Gallagher in the Australian television series, SLiDE and has been offered a role in the Australian soap, Home and Away as Stu Henderson.

Prior to being a graduate of QUT, Thwaites had a small role in a 2010 short film called Charge Over You which marked his film debut. He went on to appear in an episode of Sea Patrol and was shortly casted into SLiDE and Home and Away soon after.

In November 2010, it was confirmed that Thwaites along with Adele Perovic, Emily Robins, Gracie Gilbert and Ben Schumann, had been cast in the Australian teen drama, SLiDE which would air on Fox8. Thwaites has been quoted describing his character, Luke as one who "stands back a bit. He watches. He's struggling with family issues. He's drawn in as it was a chance to find better friends and an opportunity to be part of a group. He's a cool, accepted kid. Some friends he can love and help him mature." He made his debut on SLiDE in the serie's premiere episode which aired on 16 August, 2011.

On Home and Away, Thwaites currently plays Stu Henderson in a recurring role. He relocated to Sydney for the five-month stint and to further his acting career. Thwaites mentioned the show itself as a great learning experience and that his co-stars were fantastic and easy to work with. Though only a minor character, Thwaites' character is involved in a major storyline of the series which'll last for the rest of the 24th season.


  • (On SLiDE as a show): "It's new and it's fresh. It's Australian. It's easy to say SLiDE is like Skins, but that's bullshit. It relates to everyone. My Mum loves it, and everyone I've shown adores it. You see the bridge and you're like "That's the bridge" and it's the same everywhere. Things are shot in Sydney and Melbourne all the time so it's something for us!
  • (On his Home and Away character, Stu): "Stu's awesome, he has some fights, he gets the girls, it's awesome fun."