Episode Eight







Original airdate:

4 October, 2011


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Episode Eight is the eighth episode of the Australian television series, SLiDE. It aired on 4 October, 2011 on Fox8.

Plot Synopsis

Main Plot

The gang tries to scam a competition to win a car, leading to chaos at the local mall. Tammy and Luke's issues start to pull the group apart, while an awkward video of Ed and Phillipa surfaces in the strangest of places.



  • (Scarlett): "Fuck you, I'm smart."
  • (Ed to Phillipa): "I fucked up in every possible way you could imagine, Phillipa. But fucking you was the worst mistake I've ever made in my entire life."
  • (Tammy to Ed): "I know I'm no substitute for a mindblowing night in the back of a car with a model... But would you hate me if I said part of me was relieved we're still in this together? Not relieved... Just happy. I want to... I want to do it with you."
  • (Bird): "Ca-Caw." (Ed): "Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw! Ca-Caw!" (Luke): "What's with the bird call? We're in a fucking shopping centre."
  • (Scarlett): "Tammy's not gay, she's just curious... Oh for fuck's sake!"
  • (Tammy): "Who am I kidding? I can't change. It's built into my DNA." (Ed): Well, I happen to like your DNA."
  • (Tammy to Ed about her and Scarlett's kiss): "You better not wank on this." (Ed): "You'll never know."

Featured Music

  • "I Hope I Never" by Lisa Miller.
  • "Sunny In Splodges" by Kyu.
  • "I Love You Baby" by Anthony Rochester.
  • "Wristwatch" by Hungry Kids of Hungary.
  • "The Apple Song" by Big Scary.
  • "Gebbie St" by DZ.
  • "Disco Biscuit Love" by The Jezabels.
  • "Sleep With FIshes" by Velociraptor.
  • "Own Worst Enemy" by Bonfire Nights.
  • "All The Things We Did" by Radio Star.
  • "Number One Song" by J-Pan Fan.
  • "The Owl" by The Honey Moth.
  • "Please Stay" by Charlie Mayfair.
  • "Say What You Mean" by Drawn From Bees.