Episode Two







Original Airdate:

23 August, 2011


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Episode Two is the second episode in the first season of the Australian television series, SLiDE. It aired on 23 August, 2011 on Fox8.

Plot Synopsis

Owing $5000 in hotel damages, the gang is sentenced to hard labour but instead try to find another way to come up with the money. They hatch a dangerous plot that involves hijacking a limo and creating a road trip like no other!


  • Ed loses his virginity to Phillipa in this episode.
  • Luke admits to liking Tammy.
  • Ed loses his job at the hotel.


  • (Tammy): "Drive the big stretchy car, thank you!"
  • (Tammy impersonating Scarlett): "Hi, I'm Scarlett. I have really nice hair and I'm a fully qualified yoga guru. I learnt this move from the Dalai Lama; it's called the downwards whore."
  • (Scarlett): "Would you rather be a lion for a day or a sheep for one hundred?" (Tammy): "What?" (Scarlett): "It's just something my old P.E. teacher used to say. It basically means, you know, grow some metaphoric balls." (Tammy): "Yeah, well maybe I will."
  • (Tammy): "I'm taking a holiday from reason."
  • (Scarlett to Tammy): "You and I aren't as different as you think."
  • (Scarlett to Tammy): "You totally put yourself out there and made up for your own reality... I do that all the time."
  • (Scarlett to Tammy): "Stop being so freaking scared of yourself."
  • (Tammy): "Don't show that to Ed, he's got a clown fear." (Scarlett): "How can you be afraid of clowns?" (Ed): "It's a legitimate phobia! I can't remember what it's called, but loads of people have it. (Luke): "Coulrophobia." (Scarlett): "So, what exactly is it that you're scared of, is it their big, giant shoes or their tiny, little cars?" (Ed): "I just think they're pure evil." (Tammy): "C'mon Ed... We're all friends." (Ed): "Fine. On my seventh birthday, Mom got a clown for the party. And after playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" I..." (Scarlett): "What?! What, what, what?!" (Ed): I walked in on the clown doing my Aunty Joanne... From behind... Big smiley face and his crazy hair..."
  • (Luke): "Hey so what's the deal with Tammy?" (Ed): "She doesn't know when to stop talking." (Luke): "No, I mean does she have a boyfriend or anything?" (Ed): "No... She doesn't have a boyfriend or anything... Why?" (Luke): "She's cute." (Ed): "What about Scarlett?" (Luke): "I'm just saying, she's... Different."

Featured Music

  • "Touche" by The barettas.
  • "Avec Moi" by Sekiden.
  • "Come Around" by Tim & Jean.
  • "Volcanic" by Operator Please.
  • "Minute Song" by Toy flight P&C city slang.
  • "That Little Girl" by The Black Hollies.
  • "Freedom" by Kid Mac.