Field Tripping


Graphic Novel



Original debut date:

12 August, 2011


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Field Tripping is the first interactive graphic novel of Eva's that debuted on the SLiDE website on 12 August, 2011.

Main Plot

The gang are on a field trip with the school to the Supreme Court when they decide to sneak out and celebrate Ed's birthday. This time, successfully... or will it be?


Page One: (Ed): "Field trip! I feel like a liberated battery hen. I'm definitely more of a free-range student. (Scarlett): "Did you forget your Ritalin? I can't think of anything more boring than the Supreme Court."

Page Two: (Tammy): "He gets excited about taking the bins out at the moment. His Mum's gone Guantanomo on his ass since his birthday." (Ed): "Worst birthday ever! I just wanted to get drunk, get high... and maybe see some boobs."

Page Three: (Eva): "I say as soon as Judge Yawny McYawn turns his back, we do our own private tour."

Page Four: (Scarlett): "Cool, it'll be a first hand study of crime in action."

Page Five: (Tammy): "I'm pretty sure we'll be back here soon in orange jumpsuits." (Eva): "Only if we get caught." (Luke): "Hey Ed, maybe we can have a second shot at your birthday?"

Page Six: (Ed): "I can feel another mid-week hangover approaching."

Page Seven: (Tammy): "Happy birthday, Ed!"

Page Eight: (Tammy): "You know, I think this booze is older than you are." (Eva): "Is that why it tastes so crap?" (Scarlett): "Hey, where's Ed?"

Page Nine: (Ed): "You shall address me as Your Honour, or Your Most Excellency. What I say is law. Girls, disrobe!"

Page Ten: (Luke): "Shhh. Can you guys hear that?"

Page Eleven: (Ed): "Court adjourned!"

Page Twelve: (Tammy): "Shit, is that Mr Lancaster?"

Page Thirteen: (Eva): "Follow me." (Scarlett to Ed): "Eyes on the ground, perve. You're a Judge, not a priest."

Page Fourteen: (Tammy) "Hey, I think I can see my house." (Eva): "While we're here, we may as well continue the birthday bash."

Page Fifteen: (Eva): "Live it up, Ed. You only turn 17 twice." (Ed): "I hereby legalise this shit. Thanks for the birthday remake dudes."

Page Sixteen: (Luke): "Slow down Judge - it's not finished yet."

Page Seventeen: (Scarlett): "Here come the boobs."

Page Eighteen: (Ed): Holy crap! Order in my pants! Order in my pants!" (Tammy): "I hold you in contempt, Ed."

Page Nineteen: (Ed): "Whoa!!!"

Page Twenty: (Luke): "Objection, Your Honour! Objection!"

Page Twenty One: (Ed): "Overruled. Hey, boobs are boobs!"


No school, no parents, no limits... How do you ditch?


  • This is the first graphic novel of Eva's.
  • This graphic novel centres around the topic of skipping school.