Luke Gallagher

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Luke Gallagher


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Dylan Gallagher (Brother)

Portrayed by:

Brenton Thwaites

Luke Gallagher is a seventeen year old male character from Brisbane, Australia. He has a reputation for being the school jock and heart throb. Ed and him were good friends as they used to participate in Scouts together until Luke merged in with a different crowd. He dated Tammy Lane, but they broke up due to Tammy learning that Luke hooked up with Scarlett in Tammy's house. After Episode Ten, it is believed that Luke and Tammy are dating once again.

Character History

In Episode One, Luke is first seen skating past Ed on his skateboard when Ed finished his shift at the hotel. Ed invites him to his birthday party which Scarlett is hosting and tells him to invite cool people only. Luke turns up at the party but no one is there except Scarlett. The two start flirting and he witnesses Scarlett's father yell at her when he sees the damage she's done to the room. When Scarlett storms off, he tells Ed (who is also with Tammy) to drive to look for her and when she tells them she's at school, he goes and hugs her. The two kiss on the school oval.


  • In the first episode, it is revealed that Luke was suspended from school for a month.
  • He can skateboard.
  • Made out with Scarlett in Episode One and Episode Three.
  • Admitted he had feelings for Tammy in Episode Two, and told her he loved her in Episode Ten.
  • Both of his parents are deceased, and he lives with his older brother, Dylan.
  • Has had sex with both Tammy and Scarlett.


  • "Does it smell like old milk in here?" - First line.