Graphic Novel



Original debut date:

19 August, 2011


Field Tripping


Ashes to Ash

Spiked is the second interactive graphic novel of Eva's that debuted on the SLiDE website on 19 August, 2011

Main Plot

Scarlett ditches the gang during a wild night out and meets a new guy; covered in tatts and ready to harm her. Will Scarlett realise before it's too late or will the gang come to her rescue with a bold plan?


Page One: (Tammy): "What is that music? Please tell me techno isn't retro cool yet?!" (Ed): "Relax Tam. Pretty soon the pills will trick your brain into thinking you're listening to The Smith."

Page Two: (Eva): "Sorry guys the stuff fell through. Who would have guessed drug dealers can't be trusted?"

Page Three: (Ed): "It's cool guys. I brought a Mexican friend."

Page Four: (Luke): "Dude, that whole "size doesn't matter" thing doesn't apply to everyone you know?"

Page Five: (Tequila Worm): "Me crunk, Si! What you looking at punk? Me loco!"

Page Six: (Eva): "Ed, your tiny worm is doing nothing for me." (Ed's thoughts): "If only that was the first time I'd heard that..."

Page Seven: (Scarlett): "This is lame. I'm going to find another drink."

Page Eight: (Scarlett): "That's soooo classic!" (Random guy): "I know, random hey?"

Page Nine: (Scarlett): "So you in for a massive night?" (Random guy): "Yeah, up for it."

Page Ten: *Random guy drops drug into Scarlett's drink*

Page Eleven: (Luke): "Did you see that? I'm gunna fucking kill him!" (Eva): "No wait. I've got a better idea."

Page Twelve: (Eva): "Hi, I'm Candy and this is Bambi. Do you have a lighter?"

Page Thirteen: (Tammy): "I love your tatt? Did it hurt?"

Page Fourteen: (Random guy): "Nah, didn't hurt, I'm hard as."

Page Fifteen: *Luke tells Scarlett about the plan whilst Ed swaps drinks around*

Page Sixteen: (Scarlett): "So I bet I can scull quicker than you?" (Random guy): "You're on."

Page Seventeen: (Random guy's thoughts): "I'm so tapping that tonight." (Scarlett's thoughts): "You're gonna pay so hard."

Page Eighteen: (Tammy): "Show us ya tatts Rambo!"

Page Nineteen: (Eva): "Jackpot! Catch Scar!"

Page Twenty: (Scarlett): "Okay Big Boy. Show me what you've got!"

Page Twenty One - Twenty Three: *Scarlett takes photos*

Page Twenty Three: "That's it, you're my star!"

Page Twenty Four: (Luke): "Now that's art."

Page Twenty Five: (Ed): "What now?" (Scarlett): "Watch and learn boys."

Page Twenty Six: *Scarlett sends photos around to everyone*


F*@#kwit drink spikers... How should they pay?


  • This graphic novel centres around the issue of drink spiking.
  • Scarlett is the main character in this graphic novel.