Tammy Lane
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Full Name:

Tammy Lane


Tams (Ed)





Hair colour:


Eye colour:



Charli Lane (Brother)

Portrayed by:

Gracie Gilbert

Tammy Lane is a seventeen year old, female character from Brisbane, Australia. She is best friends with Ed Newman, having known him since she was five years old. She initially had a disliking towards Scarlett Carlyle, having labelled her a 'troll' in Episode One, however, the two have since made up and become good friends. She dresses eccentricly and is a bright, bubbly personality.

Character History

In Episode One she is seen in the beginning with Ed Newman, and they talk about his birthday. Later she is seen shopping with Ed to prepare for his birthday party thrown by Scarlett Carlyle, and they buy hair dye. She accidentally dyes the top of his head a reddish-brown, when it was supposed to be blonde. She and Ed arive at his home only to find out his family has thrown him a party. Later, she lies to Ed's mother and gets permission to leave, and Ed drives them to the hotel, but the party is already over. She goes to the school with Ed and Luke Gallagher to get Scarlett, finding Scarlett and Eva Lee burning the word "sanctuary" on the school oval. The sprinklers come on and the five have fun, jumping and dancing.


  • "And I would do anything to get a job here... not anything in a creepy lesbian sense."
  • "I'm not very good at this whole shopping thing. I'm one of those have millions of clothes but nothing to wear people... why is it so hard?"
  • "For a boy virginity is a social stigma. For a girl it's valuable commodity. I could sell it on the internet and buy a house. My stock goes up the longer I wait, your's goes down."


  • Ed's parents wants them to get together, but she isn't attracted to him.
  • She has a younger brother, Charli.
  • She lost her virginity to Ed in Episode Ten.
  • She had sex with two people in Episode Ten; Ed and Luke.
  • Scarlett kissed her in Episode Eight.